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Тета лечение с Мариана Красимирова
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 5 reviews
by Nikolina on Тета лечение с Мариана Красимирова
theta healing

I am very happy for meeting Mrs. Mariana Krasimirova, because she helped me a lot in a period of my life when I had personal problems in my relationship and my work.

Her professional approach led me to some very important conclusions to me. She lead me through this process just by asking me a series of questions, that help me to find the solution myself.

I am very grateful for her personal approach and commitment.

She gave me some very useful meditations.

Her therapy made me feel more responsible for my life and I felt braver to take new actions.

by Magdalena Dimitrova on Тета лечение с Мариана Красимирова
theta healing therapy

For a while I did not feel well, confused and did not find answers for to many questions in my sole mind .. A close friend of mine recommended Marianne .. I was worried I had never share such intimate and personal experiences before! But that was at the very beginning of session - she is a true professional, able to anticipate and understand your concerns!
I'm happy I trusted her! It is tireless and patient to find the problem and apply the most effective solution to it!

by Milena Vogel on Тета лечение с Мариана Красимирова
theta healing therapy

Still by the first time I tried tetra healing I was so embarrassed how powerful it is. How quickly you can change your thinking, feeling and your emotions. After the therapy I feel so relieved and in some short time happy with my new statement. It is such a pleasure to talk with Mariana. How well she listen and so quickly find out where exactly the problem is and can change my settings. It is like a wander. I am really grateful

by Atanaska on Тета лечение с Мариана Красимирова
theta healing therapy

I'm really happy with Mariana'2ork as she's with open heart for clients issues and giving up a lot of her time and knowledge to help.
Highly recommended ❤

by Yana on Тета лечение с Мариана Красимирова
Teta healing

I had few sessions Teta healing done from Mariana.I had before panic attacks and I doesn't feel happy with my current situation and life. After First session I felt more calm and after 3th one I feel much better this healing change my life completely in a positive way. I don't have panic attacks any more I am successful in any aspects of my life. Teta healing works really and I strongly recommend Mariana as a Teta healing Master.
Thank you so much Mariana with your knowledge and experience you change my life for better!