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Mariana Krasimirova

Who developed the method?

Since the beginning of 1995, many people around the world have been cured of serious illnesses thanks to the method developed by Vianna Stibal – ThetaHealing®. She cured herself of cancer. This is a fact. Since 2000, it has started training people around the world and now has certified practitioners in over 26 countries.

Vianna continues to discover new and new boundaries in her methodology and to develop more in-depth treatment and training courses. Today, she is a happy wife, mother, grandmother, writer and healer as well as ThetaHealing lecturer. Thousands of people around the world attend her courses.

7 tips on Vianna:

  1. Honor life in all its manifestations!
  2. Action – this is what matters most!
  3. Everything is not as it seems!
  4. Be able to love people, knowing the truth about them!
  5. Do something to be proud of every day!
  6. Slow down, pay attention to sunlight and air. Enjoy life!
  7. Thank the Creator every day!

What are Theta waves?

There are 5 main brain wave frequencies – Beta, Alpha, Gamma, Theta and Delta


THETA–a condition of very deep relaxation, used in hypnosis and is typical for the time of falling asleep or waking up. Then the brain waves slow down from 4 to 7 cycles in a minute. This is why the eremites meditate for several hours a day, so they can reach this state and be able to feel absolute peace.

Theta waves are generated by the right hemisphere of the brain and are a fine line between consciousness and subconscious. The introduction of a brain state into the theta contributes to the manifestation of paranormal abilities. These waves awaken and amplify emotions and feelings, allow you to program and reprogram your subconscious mind to get rid of negative and limiting thinking. The most active are theta waves in children and creative people. Listening to music increases the theta waves activity.

Theta waves are the transition from the material to the spiritual world with the subconscious. Training in the activation of the theta waves allows one to consciously enter a special meditative state, in which the level of consciousness and body attunes and increases the ability to focus quickly and to manage our attention.

Theta brain waves are the most direct access to our subconscious, they are part of our consciousness, which lies between the conscious and the unconscious, where our feelings and memories are stored.

At this frequency, we can change our beliefs and instil feelings that are unfamiliar to us.

Also THETA is a very powerful state when we feel creative uplift and inspiration. This can be compared to a trance, in this state you can walk on hot coals without burning yourself.



What is ThetaHealing?



A powerful energy tool for healing traumas, it works at a very deep subconscious level, finds the negative feelings, thoughts and experiences, cleanses them and transforms them into positive ones. It works simultaneously in 3 directions – past, present and future. It works with subconscious negative thoughts and feelings that we don’t even suspect exist, and yet they control our lives. The work is four-levelled – essential /childhood  traumas/, genetic /on the line of mother and father/, historical /past life/, mental /soul-affecting traumas/, also eliminates vows, curses, birth curses, magic and restores our relationship with the Creator /Higher Power, the Universe/.



After a session with me, a person feels relieved, happy, and as if a great burden has fallen off of his shoulders, a burden he has been carrying for many years. His problems are settled with ease, and a person happily discovers in everyday life that the difficulty has passed and he no longer has to deal with what has bothered him so far.


Theha healing and Gene keys

Problems of all types are being settled in relation to:


  • Health, on a mental and emotional basis, spiritual and physical level, illnesses and disorders, severe depressions
  • Weight problems
  • Problems associated with difficulties conceiving, difficult pregnancy
  • Love problems or lack of a partner
  • It eliminates poverty and works towards attracting wealth
  • It works on a karmic level, healing traumas from previous lives
  • It works with troubled children
  • Work and business problems
  • Cleansed are spirits sucking energy out of us
  • Cells are activated and rejuvenated
  • Psychic hooks, psychic attacks are eliminated
  • Added are spiritual fragments
  • Released are marriages from former partners, if not released, ex-partners, along with 7 generations back, continue to draw energy from us no matter how long ago we have parted
  • Vows are discontinued
  • Eliminates magic spells
  • Cleanses the energy field and opens chakras
  • Helps making hard decisions
  • Settles difficult situations
  • Helps reaching goals easily and quickly
  • ThetaHealing helps making dreams and desires come true
  • Manifestation
  • Positive feelings are introduced, when positive feelings substitute the negatives ones that we have cleared, they automatically start working in our daily lives for our benefit, without even having to think about them because they are embedded directly into our cells and our subconscious levels, and they begin to manage their lives for our highest good, for example:
  • Negative thought: I will never be successful in my life

Is replaced by



Positive thought: I know what the feeling of being successful in life is like, I am already successful

When we replace one thought with another, we already vibrate with another frequency and begin to attract the things we desire, not like before by attracting the things we do not want and making our peace with them because we have no other way thus being their victim. Already carrying the new thought, we make sense, and events and people themselves begin to appear in our lives as if from nowhere, helping us achieving faster and more efficiently what we strive to.

  • ThetaHealing works in direction of heart’s desires
  • It is done with client’s permission because of the person’s free will
  • The information that the client shares is in complete confidentiality
  • ThetaHealing helps create and expand the business
  • Overcoming the death of a deceased loved one
  • Expanding opportunities
  • Removing feelings such as hatred, envy, jealousy, pain, helplessness hindering our development
  • Works with people of any age, no limit on race, religion, sex, nationality
  • This is an energy therapy that works on a spiritual level and transforms the beliefs and feelings with which a person has been living for years without knowing that his problems arise as a result of his way of thinking, the ThetaHealing works to change the beliefs that sabotage us, and takes us to a place in our soul where our positive emotions, talents, gifts, our true personality, which has been overshadowed by negativism, are found, as a result of which we live a life that makes us true and happy, no masks and fears. Life becomes much easier than before, as if a new world is opening up for us, one we have longed for in our souls. Dreams are becoming true faster and easier than usual, and everything we have ever wanted becomes a reality.
  • ThetaHealing doesn’t change a person’s personality, but rather restores it to its original state where he feels natural, without the need to hide, without the need to pretend to be somebody else so others can acknowledge him, which gives him the freedom to be himself.




How long is one session?

From 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours as mandatorily the person should drink water before and after the session because the body needs to hydrate to work efficiently.


How many sessions are needed to fix a problem?

One or more depending on the trauma’s depth but usually when cleansing one issue a lot of others are fixed.


Is it online or it is mandatorily live?

ThetaHealing is conducted online, it can be done live, the effect is the same, energy is not limited in space.


Does the problem come back after a session?

The problem never come back if we are working with the same event, it means that there are many blockages in this event that need to be solved with several sessions, but they are different each time until the event itself is completely cleared, but once the problem is removed, it doesn’t come back again.


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