Gene Keys is a universal language that helps us to get to know and accept ourselves, to deeply understand our human nature and to allow the divine within us to be revealed. Gene Keys can provide many answers for our lives and change our perspective on our own abilities. By examining our personal gene keys, we learn to naturally comprehend our unconscious patterns of behavior and thinking. We increase our sensitivity to our own fears and look through our tendency to be prejudiced against others.

 Regardless of the external circumstances, every person hides something beautiful in them. The sole purpose of gene keys is to bring out that beauty – to ignite the eternal spark of genius that distinguishes you from everyone else.

Gene Keys are a set of teachings that have been created for the modern lifestyle. By using the ancient art of gentle contemplation, reading and applying the wisdom of gene keys, you can find the true higher purpose in your life.


Each of us is born with a unique sacred geometry that is embedded deep within our being. This geometry can be represented by the exact time and place of your birth in an ever-changing universe. This same pattern is holographically encoded into your DNA and forms a clear personal profile of genetic sequences, each of which awakens a different aspect of your life and genius. This is your hologynic profile, the original drawing that shows us the gifts you give to the world, the way you act and, above all, the secret of your destiny.


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