What is the healing method of Louse Hay – working with a mirror?

You will need a mirror to do this. In this therapy, we will primarily work on healing the inner child, which involves dealing with underlying emotions and conditions such as pain, anger, fear, stress, abundance, self-love and forgiveness for oneself and for others. This is a very beautiful and easy method that helps clear many negative phenomena and changes them with positive ones. Because a person experiences an extraordinary number of events in one hour through the various thoughts that jump across the brain, spanning most of life and which have kept the person in suspense for the time being, the first sensation is freedom. After the therapy, the person feels besides free and relieved – smiling and positive. This method helps people who are depressed, have a dilemma they can’t solve, and who don’t feel happy. Louise Hay herself has used this method throughout her life building a happy and fulfilling life and a successful career.

Working with mirror is a valuable method helping find oneself and feeling complete.

What is the EFT – positive therapy?

It is an energy healing therapy that is applied by tapping the most important spots of our body related to our energy centers – the chakras. They are the so-called microphones to our subconscious. Thanks to them, we can instil the feelings and thoughts we want to experience. We can deal with a problem and turn it from a negative into a positive one. Being an Emotional Freedom Technique, it mainly works on emotional issues and finds application in the following problematic areas and situations: unwanted emotions and moods; addiction and pain; conflicts; low self-esteem, dyslexia. But this technique also helps with personal development. EFT is an effective therapy that makes the following situations possible: affirmation of the trait or emotion we desire; improving athletic performance; making a wish come true.

When we have a problem or a problematic situation, we often wander and find no solution, because there are unconscious internal contradictions in us that counteract in one way or another what we want or need to do. The EFT clears the internal contradiction, which opposes finding a solution or achieving a desire and then helps to solve the problem. Therefore, after this therapy, the person feels happy and motivated. And things happen easily!