Thank you for being interested in what I do.

I was born in town of Smolyan where I spent most of my life. Currently I live in the small town of Shaftesbury in Dorset, United Kingdom.

I graduated Bulgarian and English Philology at the Plovdiv University “Paisiy Hilendarski”. My huge passion for psychology started when I was in the university and gradually, as years passed, turned into a hobby which found its manifestation in my master’s degree in Positive Psychology at the University of East London.

I’m a Theta practitioner with a ThetaHealing Certificate of Science. I have been practicing Theta treatment since 2017. During this time, I worked with myself first, because if a therapy is not tested on the one who applies it, the therapist would not be aware of how it works and what to improve. I have also worked with family and friends who over time have started recommending my therapy and services and now I have been working with clients for over a year. I trained with an amazing teacher and a skilled practitioner in Theta treatment – Rositsa Velkova, who is directly certified by the Theta method’s creator – Vianna Stibal. I owe Rosi many thanks for introducing me to the method, but most of all for introducing me to this type of holistic therapy that helps all of my clients. This is the site of Rosi Velkova, where I am registered as an official Theta practitionerтета-практикуващи/

I graduated the following Theta courses:

  • Beginners course
  • Advance course
  • Deep digging
  • Master class – Limitless Wealth

Currently I am working with clients from all over the world. This work gives me great pleasure for I not only help people but I see myself in them and this inspires me. My mission is helping people and it fuels me. I am thankful for having this talent and for being able to be of use to everybody.  


How I got to the Theta Method?

I accidently came across the movie ‘The Secret’, which tells how thoughts are the real power and control of life, but what’s bad is they are in the subconscious, which is 95% of the human mind. We don’t even know what the content of our minds is that is formed by both positive and negative events starting from our birth onwards. These events create thoughts that determine our events in life – both in the present and in the future. And so, often certain events in our lives are repeated until we change the thoughts and the content of the mind. Then I asked myself how I could get to all of them and change them. For many years I have been looking for an alternative method by going through various trainings such as EFT therapy, Reiki, Meditation and more until I finally got to the ThetaHealinig method, which is a universal method on that subject. The good news is that it detects negative programs in the subconscious and transforms them into 5 levels, then the new positive programs begin to manage our lives at all 5 levels from the moment they are introduced, because they are implemented in the subconscious – the place controlling our life. That is why life changes after therapy.


Let me give you a few examples on how Theta changed my life and the life of my close ones:


My grandma who is 85 years of age was very sick and couldn’t eat, couldn’t move nor talk. She couldn’t even open her eyes and she was lying still, unable to move. To put it bluntly – she was near-death. Doctors expected the worst and already gave up examining and treating her. When I found out about this I left the UK (at that time being where I am now) for Bulgaria and for 1 week every day I applied the ThetaHealing method for several hours. In 1 week she was already walking, talking and her appetite came back. Now is the moment to say she is still healthy, moving, energetic and doesn’t need any doctors. She is very grateful to the method and still uses my services. To quote her, she said she never felt so healthy and happy in her life.


A friend of mine, who couldn’t conceive for 7 years (unsuccessfully visiting doctors), finally decided to adopt. I offered to do a theta session for her and then to adopt, if she still wants to. In one therapy she got pregnant and now is happily in her maternity leave taking care of her child.

I have other successful examples from the lives of many happy people having worked with me and the ThetaHealing. But I would like you to read the opinion of each one of them in the webpage below.

Are you ready for a change? Are you ready for a change that will help you get your life together, make your wishes come true, reach your goals and dreams and be happy and proud of your achievements?

Are you ready to give meaning to your life and becoming the best version of yourself? Say “YES” to life!!!

I will be happy to help you!



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