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My name is Mariana Krasimirova, I am Theta Healer, Positive Psychologist and Coach. I study at the University of London “Positive Psychology and Coaching”. I have been dealing with energy healing and therapy for 5 years.

Thank you for choosing to get acquainted with my work and knowledge that I have gained over the years!

My journey into myself began in 2012. when I first met “The Secret” movie. Until then, I thought that my life was predestined and I had to come to terms with my destiny as it is. I thought I would have to carry the weight of my life without being able to change it, and that made me sad. What saddened me the most was the work I didn’t like and the Bachelor’s degree, which I studied for some reason (“Bulgarian and English Philology”), I just had something to say to myself. But deep down I felt that the truth was completely different and I set myself the goal of finding the truth in order to make my life meaningful.

I knew I was born for something more

And so the movie “The Secret” answered many of my questions and opened a new reality for me. I realized that we draw our lives with the choices we make every day, with the thoughts we have and the feelings we experience. “Change your thoughts, and you will change your life,” the film says. A cliché in which there is a lot of truth. I read piles of books to figure out how to change my mind. The books said, “Set a goal, and then your path will be revealed.” Then I took my life in my hands and set a goal. I realized that I wanted to be a psychologist and to understand the smallest details about Psychology and the topic of life and especially how to create the life of my dreams. The first and most important thing is to set a goal, and the second step is to believe that I can achieve that goal.

I asked myself the question: What do I want most in life?

If I could have the life of my dreams, what would it look like? I lived with this question for days, weeks and months and the answer came. I wanted to become a psychologist, but in England, I wanted to graduate from the University of London. And then I realized why I had actually enrolled in this English Philology major. I remember how no one supported my decision then, they gave me a whole lecture on how unreasonable my decision was. But my faith and my desire to study and live in England was stronger. Because of my upbringing from books, I went beyond the typical notions. And even without knowing that our ideas about ourselves and our capabilities always come true, I actually got real consequences from my ideas.

So in 2014 I went to England, I took extra English courses to be accepted to the University of London, because that required the university to have an academic language. In 2019 I was already accepted. My example explains very well how faith works, the true faith in which there is no doubt. How people who sincerely believe make their dreams come true achieve remarkable goals. They defeat diseases, they do something that others find impossible. As a gift from the universe, I received another bonus. I really wanted to find a method that makes wishes come true, quickly and instantly. Because for me it was important not only to have a diploma, but also to make quality sessions and the transformations of my clients to become apparent in reality.

And in 2017, the method found me on its own

This is the most working method of all time, which works with the subconscious, which instantly transforms thoughts and feelings and makes you fly. This is the Theta Healing method. This method is magical, I have been working with it for 4 years now and I know from personal experience that it makes the impossible possible. When we decide something and stay true to that choice, we show determination and perseverance, which become our additional resources. Many times later I was convinced of this with examples from my life and the lives of other people. Our pure faith finds in us such forces and resources that we do not use in ordinary life, in our usual state. I have seen many times when I have entered a theta state how various blockages stand between us and our dreams. And dreams stand and wait to be realized, but we must see them first with our spiritual vision, to see them later with our physical eyes.

That’s why most people say dreams don’t come true because these blockages prevent them from coming true. And with the Theta Healing method quickly and easily, they can be removed. From this point of view, I have read the whole theory of how the universe works and how we can make our dreams come true through the Theta Healing method. I feel very lucky and I sincerely thank the Creator of All That Is for giving me this honor. Now I know that everyone has inner ideas about life, their own possibilities. And people always live within their notions. They act actively, based on their ideas about the possibilities and get the desired result. Or, based on the notion of impossibility, they remain passive, saying overwhelmedly: “Nothing will come out…”

It is their beliefs, ideas and beliefs that create their real life. The decisions, their attitude to a specific situation create their actions, which lead to the results depending on what the order was. There is nothing mystical here – this is how our brain works, “listening” to our thoughts and carrying them out as commands. Many books have been written on this topic, so I will not go into too much….

Here are some of my certificates:

With sincere love and deep respect,

Mariana Krasimirova

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